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Zen Hanami A Matter Of Fiction Music For Films sleeve

A Matter of Fiction -
Music for Films

by Zen Hanami is the latest release at Itofarm.

The album A Matter of Fiction - Music for Films contains tracks, that were originally conceived and recorded for atmospheric film soundtracks. They come from a variety of movie themes and give the dedicated listener the feeling of diving into a fictional world of sound.

The tracks are:

  1. Arrival at the Monastery
    (From "The Plateau of
    Singing Bells")
  2. Lágrimas De Color /
    The Tears of Van Gogh
    (Main Theme / To Arvo Pärt)
  3. Melody of Summer Past
    (From "Pictures of Melody")
  4. Down Gloomy Corridors of
    Endless Time
    (From "Il Castello Del
  5. Adiós Al Final Del Río
    (From "Years of Lone
  6. Urban Nightshift Blues
    (From "Tokyo Crime Squad")
  7. Joyous Encounters of the
    Alien Variety
    (From "Travels to a Deep Sea
  8. Mystic Nebula of Ageless
    (From "The Neptune
Zen Hanami A Matter of Fiction Music for Films inner sleeve