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Zen Hanami Santo's Journey to the Rainbow Bridge now on Spotify

Santo's Journey to the Rainbow Bridge

by Zen Hanami is the latest release at Itofarm.

A new stage in Zen Hanami's music is the mixture of ambient musical elements with composed classical themes - a neo classical sound, realized on the new album Santo's Journey to the Rainbow Bridge.

The album is based on the legend, that when a beloved pet dies, it will travel to the Rainbow Bridge, where it will be warm and comfortable on lush green grass of meadows and valleys with plenty of food and water and company of other animals. When its owner passes away, they will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge, crossing it together into heaven.

The dog Santo had such a special personality, that he was the inspiration for the music and realization of this album.

The titles of all new album tracks, with the exception of Santo's Theme, are written in the style of Japanese Haiku poems:

Santo's Theme

Totem is calling -
Darkness - On the road ahead
A silvery moon

Dawn - A salty breeze
Strikes the bell. Aboard, aboard!
Seven seas to sail

Look at 'em swaying,
Bowing and saying 'Hello' -
Those dancing giants

Forsaken garden -
Water lilies tell a tale
Of two lovers gone

Soft the glowworms' light
At the king's court of fairies -
Pavane en passant

Magic carousel -
Fairy dust will lift you up -
Flight of the Phoenix

Meadow beyond time
In peaceful tranquility -
There we'll meet again

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Zen Hanami Reflection 3 Listen now on Spotify

Reflection 3

Reflection 3 is literally the reflection of 'Zen Hanami – Volume 5 & 6', with all 10 songs from those albums in re-arranged short versions of the original 15 minutes tracks.

Zen Hanami Volume 6 sleeve

Zen Hanami - Volume 6

'Zen Hanami - Volume 6' contains songs about fiery creatures, mystic rites and solar travels, adding the element of 'fire' to the 'Volume' series - thus completing the circle of the four elements.

Zen Hanami Volume 5 sleeve

Zen Hanami - Volume 5

'Zen Hanami - Volume 5' ascends to lofty heights with celestial music about objects in the skies, adding the element of 'air' to the 'Volume' series.