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Zen Hanami Reflection 3 now on Spotify

Reflection 3

by Zen Hanami is the latest release at Itofarm.

Reflection 3 is literally the reflection of 'Zen Hanami – Volume 5 & 6', with all 10 songs from those albums in re-arranged short versions of the original 15 minutes tracks.

Zen Hanami Volume 6 sleeve

Zen Hanami - Volume 6

'Zen Hanami - Volume 6' contains songs about fiery creatures, mystic rites and solar travels, adding the element of 'fire' to the 'Volume' series - thus completing the circle of the four elements.

Zen Hanami Volume 5 sleeve

Zen Hanami - Volume 5

'Zen Hanami - Volume 5' ascends to lofty heights with celestial music about objects in the skies, adding the element of 'air' to the 'Volume' series.